I’m feeling sexy and free Like glitters raining on me You like a shot of pure gold I think i’m about to explode

Just got home from the gym and it was this years first session and i feel great. There is something about hitting the gym before hand you don’t want to do it, but after you feel stronger and healthier. My goal this years is to jog/run 10 km non stop, a tuff goal but i think i can manage. I also want to build up my back muscles, i have pretty good arm and leg strength but my back and tummy is my weakest spots. Well well we just have to wait and see how it all goes.

Work tomorrow 10-20.30, it’s going to be fun (hopefully) especially if Erika is there to brighten my day with all her sarcastic remarks 🙂

Now ‘am going to do some lunchbox preparations.



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